About Dono Bella

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel
– Maya Angelou

Hi! I’m Nicole. I’m a certified Reiki Master Teacher who has trained as a whole coach and postpartum doula under DONA. Over the years I’ve earned degrees in psychology and business and held many titles; waitress, program director, accountant, doula, realtor… the list is long. My greatest joys and lessons though came from those that were not defined by employment or monetary value; mother, friend, writer, volunteer, student… this list is even longer and far more dear to me. No matter the era or the title, my intention has remained solid since I was able to articulate my purpose. I want to help people find their joy.

One of my greatest joys is Reiki. Through this incredible practice I’ve been witness to amazing transformations of peace and well-being. I am fortunate to carry a sense of connectedness with me beyond my practice and try to live by the principles of Reiki. This amazing tradition is founded in staying present and care for self and others through relationship with divine energy. This energy surrounds us, protects us, heals us, loves us, and resides in all of us. My goal, my greatest wish and purpose in this life, is to be a reflection of this love for as many people as possible. Through Reiki, writing, guidance, and example I want to leave this world a bit brighter having been a part of it. Dono Bella was created with this intention. We shine brighter and vibrate higher when we are whole and healed. That light and vibration reaches others to help them on their path. Let’s light up this world together!

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