Finding Value

A few months ago I read an excerpt from a book that I find myself quoting several times a week. In Think Like a Monk, Jay Shetty recounts a time that he was walking with one of his teachers from his ashram. When they passed a fellow monk reciting scripture by heart, an admiring JayContinue reading “Finding Value”

Savor the Small Stuff

Recently I heard an interview with poet Ross Gay. In 2019, Ross published a book of essays containing daily moments of delight that he recorded over the course of a year. Regardless of the days’ challenges, he made a commitment to finding something that brought him even a small moment of happiness. During the interviewContinue reading “Savor the Small Stuff”

Put The Gloves Down

In my cozy world of energy and growth, there’s often a lot of talk about manifesting and counter manifesting.  The whole subject is kind of fascinating and eye-opening.  If you haven’t already, you may want to research it.  In very short summary it’s basically the law of attraction.  Well, it really just is the law of attraction.  ButContinue reading “Put The Gloves Down”

For The Love Of Reiki

Recently someone close to me told me that he does not believe in Reiki.  I was not at all surprised by the opinion or the need to share it.  It’s a confession I hear from time to time, so I answered in some form of my automatic typical response; “Okay, thanks for letting me know.” Continue reading “For The Love Of Reiki”

Time & Emotion

Recently I’ve noticed a lot of people are talking about the same two subjects using different themes.  Exasperated people are asking when the pandemic will end.  Others asking when we can stop talking about it.  There is frustrated, often anxious, chatter about the election season concluding.  Maya Angelou’s “Every storm runs out of rain” andContinue reading “Time & Emotion”