Crystal Grids

As far back as the medicine wheel, grid formations have been used to promote healing and transformation.  Crystals, specifically quartz, have historically been used to transmit energy. A community of crystals placed closely together amplify that energy. Reiki crystal grids combine these practices as a way to transmit Reiki energy to promote healing or transformation.  It’s that simple!  As with all Reiki practice, the intentions used with the crystal grids are to be for the recipient’s highest healing and greatest good.

Intention Grid
Chakra Grid

Intention Grid

Your Intention Grid is created specifically for you with intuitively chosen crystals. One quartz in the center of the grid will hold your intention, surrounded by additional quartz to transmit the energy. Intentions may range from clarity to career. Please send a picture to represent your intention if you want it placed on the grid during charging. To place an order contact or customize and purchase here.

Chakra Grid

Your Chakra Crystal Grid is made specifically for you with intuitively chosen crystals.  Seven stones are placed on the grid to represent the seven major energy centers, surrounded by quartz.  For the Chakra Crystal Grid the intention is much the same as you would receive from a Reiki therapy from Dono Bella. To place an order contact or customize and purchase here.

Flower of Life

Dono Bella’s meditation grid is our own custom creation derived from the original work of Okan Caliskan, which has influenced our return to energy work.

The Lotus flower represents rebirth and enlightenment.

The flower of life is one of the basic Sacred Geometry shapes that can be seen throughout history and is a symbol of creation and reminder of unity.

Our lotus mandala combines the lotus’s rebirth and enlightenment with the mandala’s wholeness and universal connection.

Available Colors

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