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Dono Bella is temporarily postponing any new private Reiki or RAW clients
I will continue sharing writings and intentions with love and gratitude

“Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What Is RAW

Incorporating practical methods and empirical research from psychology and energy work, RAW is a simple and cyclical, east meets west approach to transformation, effective in every aspect of life. It is a powerful and intuitive method of evolution applicable and reliable wherever there is space for growth and change. Recognize. Accept. Work. Three simple steps to transform patterns and beliefs from those that no longer serve to those that support our authentic purpose and promise. More than just an acronym though, RAW is the state that we all need to be in to breakthrough the walls that we create for ourselves.

What Makes RAW Different

The root of RAW is getting to the root of you. The process is simple, but subjective, because you are the only you that this world has. Your ideals, desires, story, and spirit are unique. Once you recognize and accept your values, the motivations behind your patterns, relationships, energy shifts, and emotional triggers, you are better able to put in the necessary work to navigate and manifest change with greater ease. RAW is direct but fluid, empowering you to take stewardship of your growth in the right time for you.

What Do I Need To Do

Do you want to hear something fun? You’ve already started the RAW process! You recognized a need for growth or change in your life. You have accepted it and your responsibility to act. By reading these words, you’ve already started your work! Not so bad, right? My role as your guide, is to offer you the safe space, support, and some tips and tools that you will use to manage your own transformation. The rest is up to you! You have a beautiful and unique light inside of you. Let’s find the switch together and let it shine!

Nicole was warm, welcoming and very understanding of my circumstances. Having a conversation with her (via zoom) felt natural and put me at ease. I was comfortable discussing everything with Nicole, even the details of my daughter’s birth! There was zero judgement and lots of encouraging words. It was nice to have someone who is really looking out for me and my best interests, during a time where I and everyone else is only concerned about the baby! Highly recommend her service.

E McCarron

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