Opening The Door

I recently spent about six weeks entrenched in a darkness of my own making. Not entirely of my making, circumstances were key players, but my perception wrote the bulk of the script. As a seeker, a lover, an advocate of joy I was mortified to find myself desolate. It seemed I was trapped in an…

Magic & Miracles

While walking into school on a recent morning, my 5-year old called attention to his gloved hands. “Look,” he said as he opened them and closed them around each other “it’s magic!”. Without understanding exactly what we were pretending, I was luckily able to give him the appropriate, expected, astonished response. He was happy. My…

Room For Growth

About a month before birthdays or holidays, I have a tradition with my children of clearing out toys that they no longer play with to make room for any gifts that they may receive. Well… that’s not entirely true. The tradition is planning the purge with my children and not doing it at all. Then,…

The Between Space

During a recent and rare synchrony of unseasonably warm weather and 30-minutes of free time, I was able to go for a long overdue run in one of my favorite places near my home. It had been a while since the last time I ran, and I’ve never been the world’s greatest athlete, so I…


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About Me

Hi, I’m Nicole! I’m a lifelong student of all things energy and steadfast seeker of joy. As such, I have the privilege of consistent exposure to research, knowledge, and experiences which either deepen or diminish our happiness. These pages are intended to share this knowledge with you to help guide you on your path toward joy and let your love light shine!

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