Resistance & Resilience

One of my favorite fables is about a farmer whose only horse runs away. Once lost, the farmer’s neighbors express pity and remorse, but the farmer only utters “We shall see”. When found with several other horses, the neighbors are congratulatory and celebratory. The farmer expresses the same acceptance. Then the farmer’s son is injuredContinue reading “Resistance & Resilience”


Like Reiki and all things spirit, I also cannot get enough of psychology and relationship research! Among my favorites is attachment theory. This is a psychological theory stating that the connections that we form as children, beginning in infancy, will shape our future relationships with others, ourselves, and even our perception of the world. ItContinue reading “Detachment”

Steady Your Jar

On a recent call with an amazing and insightful woman she was talking about all of the tasks on her list and declared “Multitasking is really a lie that we tell ourselves. I mean, I am one person who can do one thing at a time.” Obviously, she wasn’t just talking about patting her headContinue reading “Steady Your Jar”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Nicole! I’m a lifelong student of all things energy and steadfast seeker of joy. As such, I have the privilege of consistent exposure to research, knowledge, and experiences which either deepen or diminish our happiness. These pages are intended to share this knowledge with you to help guide you on your path toward joy and let your love light shine!

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