Dono Bella is temporarily postponing any new private Reiki or RAW clients
I will continue sharing writings and intentions with love and gratitude

Dono Bella’s mission is to facilitate healing and growth that will help us all enjoy the beautiful and unique gifts in our lives. Our purpose is to raise our collective vibration by helping all whom we serve to find peace and balance, even in times of chaos. All of Dono Bella’s services and products are intended for the highest healing and greatest good of all.
Thank you for visiting our website. We believe that you are here for a reason and truly look forward to inspiring and serving you.

Reiki Services

A Japanese relaxation technique, Reiki literally translates to “spiritually guided life force energy”. Reiki is a holistic, natural method of stress reduction and healing. Dono Bella offers in person Reiki therapy in Monmouth County, NJ.

RAW Guidance

The RAW method is a personal growth process designed to support your highest healing and greatest good. A simple three step process that can be applied to all areas of your life to promote clarity, balance, and a sense of greater connection to your own beautiful spirit.

Photo by Jay Castor


In our blog Dono Bella shares tools, practices, and mindsets with you based on research and personal experience. Our intention is to ignite the transformation necessary for us all to live more sustainably joyful lives.

Crystal Grids

Charged with Reiki and made to order, these 12″ birch grids are used to hold and transmit energy for healing, transformation, or a specific intention.

Chakra Meditation Grid